Sep 28, 2014

This week in Nano (Week 39: 22nd-28th September)

Nano standards are here. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have created what is called reference material ‘8027’ (RM 8027). Made from silicon and suspended in toluene this 2nm material is the smallest reference material created to date. This is really great news for anyone working in nanoresearch

Nanoparticles ‘on patrol’ around the body. Will miniaturised internal ‘nanobots’ that give doctors real time data about patients condition ever be a reality? Listen to a radio expert from Science 2034 here:

Just add one disulfide bond.Chemists have created anticancer drugs in nanoparticle form by adding one disulphate bond to the anticancer prodrug molecules. This may hopefully be a more effective way to treat cancer as in naoparticle form the drug can carry more molecules per weight. When delivered into tumor cells the disulphite bond will be broken releasing the molecules. More info here: (paywalled)or here:

More papers/news form the wonderful world of graphene

Electron Microscopy Advances. From Nature this week a paper describing the 3D shape of a nanoscale crystal with atomic resolution from a electron microscope (EM) image. The paper described how researchers from the Ernst centre for microscopy and spectroscopy with electrons have calculated the spatial arrangement of the atoms from just a single EM image