Apr 12, 2015

Learn More About Nano - Nano Journals:

NanoScéal: List of Nano Journals
Journal Impact Factor Access ISSN Web Address
Nature Nanotechnology 33.265 Sub P:1748-3387O:1748-3395 http://goo.gl/CV0iX4
NANO Letters 12.904 Sub 1530-6984/1530-6992 http://goo.gl/0tYBVol
Nano Today 18.432 Sub 1748-0132 http://goo.gl/z4vcpk
small 7.514 Sub 1613-6829 http://goo.gl/8H6Lxj
Nanotoxicology 7.336 Sub 1743-5390/1743-5404 http://goo.gl/yYOyBp

This week in Nano: Week 15 (April 6th -12th)

Continuing with the Nano Resources section here is a list of academic journals dealing with the world of Nano.   For now just 5 and it will expand over the coming weeks........Find it here.

Apr 5, 2015

This week in Nano: Week 14 (March 30th - April 5th)

I have been thinking about how to put together a list of useful Nano resources for those who want to learn more about the fascinating world of Nano. So today I have put together a list of all the online Nano MOOCS (massive open online course) you can do for FREE. I have also created a new tab on the blog called Nano Resources which will be expanding over the weeks. Check it out here.

Learn More about Nano- Online Courses

NanoScéal: Nano Online Courses
Table Header Table Header Table Header
Fundamentals of NanoElectronics Purdue University https://goo.gl/Ek7uWe
Intro to Graphene Science & Technology Chalmers University of Technology https://goo.gl/40XIDE
Mechanical Behavior of Materials Massachusetts Institute of Technology https://goo.gl/nDgWxS
Nanotechnology -The Basics Rice University https://goo.gl/5s0kuI
Nanotechnology and Nanosensors Technion Israel Institute of Technology https://goo.gl/UQh0ZL
Micro/Nano Processing Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology https://goo.gl/d3AWiB
Nano to Macro Transport processes Massachusetts Institute of Technology https://goo.gl/6wR5n7
Micro & Nano Technologies The Open University https://goo.gl/GEDzcq
Introductory Seminars- What is Nano? Nanohub.org https://goo.gl/4KYch3
The Next Big Thing- Nanotechnology The Open University https://goo.gl/Odn0Cs
Nanotechnology University of Nottingham https://goo.gl/vsEgXb
What is Nanotechnology Omninano.org http://goo.gl/SKZM4q
What are Nanomaterials Omninano.org http://goo.gl/vqfX32
What is Unique about Nanoscale Omninano.org http://goo.gl/VVGqGg
Imaging at the nanoscale Omninano.org http://goo.gl/8MJZWP
Properties of Nanomaterials Omninano.org http://goo.gl/XsFYtf